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Introduction To Be Unapologetically You, LLC

Hey everyone, my name is Natalie Baker. Founder and Owner of Be Unapologetically You, LLC. I created Be Unapologetically You to bring Mental Health Awareness to minority communities. My main focus for this company is to teach the youth about mental health and multiple ways to deal with Mental Health. Growing up in a minority community, I now understand the struggles of not understanding how our Mental Health shapes our reality. I decided to drop this company during the month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. This blog will cover a variety of topics. A few of those topics will be Self-Love/ Self-Care, Yoga, and Meditation. This blog is completely open to any ideas so please feel free to share topics or anything you would like me to explore on. Thank you all for reading and do not forget to subscribe to get updates when new post drop!

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