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Never Limit Yourself

We have all made mistakes and decisions in our past that still affect us in the present moment. But, we can not allow this to create limitations in the present moment. The past is history, the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift. Keeping that line in mind can help us overcome the limitations that we feel like are in place based on past decisions. Everyday is a new day to wake up and create a completely new path or life. Everyday the battle is you vs you. We all have decisions that can make or break our lives. And to be honest, we won’t always make the best decisions. We just have to use those decisions and past mistakes to fuel our present. We cannot go back in time and completely change the narrative that we created in the past. But, we can wake up everyday and choose to create a new narrative. Limitations are the minds way of tricking itself to believing that it can’t accomplish certain goals and aspirations. In reality, you just have to reprogram the mind and ignore those limitations that are being falsely created. You can do anything you want in this world when it comes to your dreams. Anything is accomplishable as long as you put the work in. Take your dreams and break them down in to steps. Once you do that, focus on each step individually. Sooner than later you will be so much closer to the life you want and deserve. If you don’t start now, five years can pass and you will still be in the exact same predicament. And why would you ever limit yourself like that? The hard work behind dreams and goals is not easy especially when you are battling yourself. It’s time to let excuses go and overcome the limitations by proving to yourself that you can do whatever you want to get the life you deserve. We have got to stop wasting time, and we just have to start. I’m writing this not only as a note to you all, but a note to myself as well. I struggle so much with the limitations I put on myself, but everyday I am learning to ignore that voice in my head. You have to learn to ignore yours and fuel yourself with the passions from your dreams. Limitations only exist if you breath life into them. Always remember that you choose your destiny. Everything is not in your control, but the things you can control is up to you. Never limit yourself.

Your friendly Neighborhood Writer,


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