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The Importance of Self Love

Let me ask you this, what is 1 thing you have done today that you would consider “Self-Love.” Can you name multiple things? Or do you not have any practice with Self-Love at all? Self-Love is the foundation of understanding peace within the mind, body, and soul. Self-Love is the foundation of happiness. In any circumstance or situation, you only have your “self” at the end of the day, right? When you lie down at night, its only YOU and YOUR thoughts right? Why not take care of the one thing that should mean the most to you in this world? I think being SELFISH is a beautiful thing especially when it comes to Self-Love.

What is Self-Love? Self-love is doing things that YOU LOVE unapologetically. You are not worried about other human beings’ thoughts, feelings, or concerns. You are not worried about the society standard of life. You are doing these things, whatever they may be, because it is what you love to do and forget what anyone else has to say. Self-Love can be so many things, yoga, meditating, drinking tea, writing, painting, singing, dancing, sketching, making music, a face mask, drinking wine, and the list can go on and on. YOU determine what self-love is for you! The important thing to focus on with self-love is taking time to understand what you love and doing those things to make YOU happy.

We tend to get wrapped up in society and pleasing others so much that we neglect ourselves. We live in a society that is focused on giving to others. We pour our all into jobs, school, relationships, friendships, our businesses, our social media, and our image to the outside world. Sometimes we just need to STOP and slow down. Those things take away your energy. If you are not pouring that energy back into yourself positively through self-love, then you can become fatigued, depressed, and anxious. Self-Love is a good tool to keep your mind, body, and soul balanced. Nothing in this world can align those three things besides YOU.

Self-love is a very important factor when it comes to maintaining friendships and relationships. Having self-love and learning your love languages allows you to efficiently create boundaries unapologetically. By loving yourself first you understand what you need/want from others. You understand the things that make you happy and the things you love to do. You can then separate the false sense of love or security from others. You will become whole and you won’t want to allow others into your space that are not on the same frequency as the love that you give yourself. But if you don’t take the time to Self-Reflect and understand who you are as a person, how can anyone ever understand your love languages and boundaries?

Self-Reflection is one of the biggest keys to healing and learning how to love yourself. We all have many toxic traits that we possess, because no one is perfect. We all mess up; we all do things we should not. You must be able to sit yourself down and hold yourself accountable and reflect on these traits. If you don’t understand the process of self-accountability, then how can you ever begin the journey of self-love? Self-love and healing is a destructive but necessary process in the beginning. When we begin to realize that we have been neglecting ourselves, it can take a toll mentally. The key to overcoming this is recognizing that you are not perfect and try to become consistent with the act of self-love.

Self-love is grand. Self-love is beautiful. Self-love is healing. Self-love is not easy but is necessary to stimulate the growth within yourself. When you practice self-love, you put yourself on the frequency of receiving that same love. The Law of Attraction, another blog post coming soon, is powerful. Become the person you want to attract. Love yourself the way you want others to love you. Stop pouring and giving so much to others without giving to yourself. You matter. You are love. You are grand. You are dope. You are DIVINE. So, love yourself and always be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

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