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Using Affirmations

I am worthy, is an affirmation that I use very frequently. Affirmations, in my opinion, are a good source to use when you are trying to reprogram your mind. Using affirmations daily can boost self confidence, boost your mental health, and boost your ability to process negative experiences. My therapist, who I praise a lot in my post, taught me the importance of affirmations in different scenarios. Using the knowledge that she gave me, I was able to find more confidence within myself, within my life, and within my mental health. Just telling yourself that you are worthy everyday, begins to create a ripple effect in the mind that allows you to become more confident.

I am love. I am worthy. I am confident. I am able to accomplish any goal in life. These four affirmations are a good starting point. Many times we have a negative mindset that has been created based on our previous experiences. For example, for a while I did not feel like I was worthy of anything good in life. I went through an extremely hard breakup, which really shaped the negative mindset that I created about my self-worth. I thought that I was not worthy enough to accomplish my dreams, worthy enough to have a good relationship, or worthy enough to even post pictures on social media. I ended up having an extremely intelligent conversation with my therapist, who taught me that it is possible to change my mindset. She started introducing me to affirmations using a mirror. She pushed me to look in the mirror daily and say things like, "I am worthy," "I love myself," and "I am going to succeed." Im not going to lie, at first it was a completely awkward experience. As I continued the exercise, i started to notice that every time I look in the mirror I felt more confident. I would automatically recite at least one of the affirmations that I wrote for the week. This ended up really changing the way that I viewed myself. I now view myself as confident, fierce, and worthy. I began to feel more positive towards myself, and my mental health began to shift.

The way we view ourselves, is a huge factor that shapes our mental health. When we create confidence within ourselves, by using affirmations, we shift our overall mental health to positivity. When I became a single mom, it completely caught me off guard. Being a single mom was no where in the plans that I created for my life. When it happened, it threw my Mental Health into a negative whirlwind. I did not know how to embrace the role that was imposed onto my life. I did not think that I would be successful in being a single mother. As I became overwhelmed with the new tasks of being single mom, my mental health declined tremendously. I decided to sit down with my therapist and talk about it. She started to explain that I needed to "change my mindset" in order to help my Mental Health shift to a positive level. She started giving me affirmations like, "I am success and success surrounds me," "I am going to accomplish all my goals," and "I am going to be a great mother." Using these affirmations, my mindset about motherhood changed. I started feeling like I can actually succeed as a single mom. I started feeling better about motherhood in general. My mental health really began to shift to a more positive spectrum. This created a ripple effect and I started feeling better in all areas of my life. Using affirmations to change my thoughts, began a beautiful process of self discovery that I never knew I needed.

"Your thoughts shape your reality," is a phrase that I am pretty sure majority of us have heard before. After years of reading this, I can finally agree with that statement. The way we think about ourselves, failures, and accomplishments shapes our entire life. Using affirmations to boost your confidence and mindset, will eventually give you the self knowledge to create a positive life. By creating a positive life, we can change the way we handle our "negative experiences." Nothing in life is going to absolutely go the way we want it to. With that being said, having a negative experience can really impact our overall Mental Health. For example, I applied to a job that completely aligned with, what i thought at the time, everything I wanted. When I did not get the position, it completely devastated me. Using affirmations, I was able to redirect my mindset to a more positive spectrum. One affirmation that I used was, "I am going to be successful, even after rejections." It helped me turn my negative experiences into positive ones by shifting my overall thoughts about negativity. I began to train my mind to see a negative experience as a detour to a better experience. I eventually ended up getting a better job offer than the one I was initially seeking. Overall using affirmations helped me skip the whole "grieving process over rejection." My positive thoughts about rejection shaped my reality to a positive one.

We can use affirmations in all areas of our life. You can repeat them in your mind at any time. You can use a mirror when you want to say self-love and self-confidence affirmations. The overall point of using affirmations is to shape a more positive mindset, which in return, gives you a more positive life. Using this technique will boost self-confidence, boost our mental health, and change the way we process negative experiences. Like anything else in life, using affirmations is an ongoing thing that requires discipline. Every day is not going to be easy, so affirmations are there to redirect your mindset when you feel yourself headed in a negative direction mentally. Start off with one affirmation, or start with several. Either way, you will begin to see a positive shift in your overall life. Below, I will list some affirmations that you can start implementing daily in your life.

I am Confident.

I am Whole.

I am Successful and Success surrounds me.

I am Powerful.

I am Grateful.

I am Beautiful.

I am Loved.

I deserve all good things that come to me.


Create your own affirmations, they can be ANYTHING.

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