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You cannot Fear The Inevitable

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

First off.. Who came up with the word fear? In my personal opinion, it does not exist. So who instilled it into our minds. Now I could go on this whole spill about how society programs our minds to think in a certain manner through education, social media, and the news. But that my friends, would be better for my podcast. But back to the subject, we cannot and should not "fear" the inevitable. See many of us have something that society calls a "comfort zone." It is when you come into a comfortable routine of habits. I mean, we have people who will stay at a job for 10 years instead of following their dreams and what they really want to do in life. So I just want you to take a second and think about your comfort zone. Are you holding yourself back from success because of "fear." Fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of not being heard, whatever the fear may be. But, you cant fear the inevitable. See society instills the value of "fear." into our minds. When in reality fear is a social construct to keep us all divided and unaware. To realize that fear does not exist, is the beginning of freeing your mind. See, you are unique, you are authentic, there is only one you, and there is only one life to live. Why fear anything and put that limit onto yourself. I am here to tell you that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and dedicate yourself to. Wether thats a business, sports, art, music, whatever you love to do. What is there to fear? No one on this planet can ever be like you, they can never sound like you, dance like you, do anything like you. Why? Because you were a unique and divine creation. You were meant to stand out. We were never meant to be put into these different groups that society constructs. We were all meant to be free and create a beautiful self-fulfilling journey. Free your mind of fear. It does not exist. Take the things that you are so afraid to do and DO THEM! Hell you might mess around and become a billionaire! It's all about what you put out. See the "inevitable" is whatever you want it to be. But if you are afraid of it, how will it ever come into existence. Sit down, meditate, understand who you are. I want us all to think about how fear has stopped us. And when you are finished I want you to say "FUCK THAT FEAR SHIT!" Free your mind because you are divine. You cannot fear the inevitable!


As Always BE KIND, and LOVE one another!

#BeUnapologeticallyYouLLC #Bekind

From your friendly neighborhood writer,


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